FTP Recordings Solution

As an X5 customer, Ytel offers the option of having the recordings hosted on a Google storage platform. By utilizing this option, you will have access to the recordings via the X5 admin interface for a year (and even longer) once we establish storage parameters.


Please note that as of current, there is no charge to take advantage of this feature. If interested, please send a request to support (by emailing, generating a ticket via the My.Ytel web portal, or by calling our support team at 800.382.4913, option 1).


Afterwards, there's nothing else needed from you. We'll let you know when the conversion completes, and coming from what to expect, the recording links will update from to


Coming from where you would access the recordings within X5 admin, everything still resides in the same locations. Whether you're pulling a single recording (such as the User Stats report or whenever searching for a lead under the Data Search option), or if you'll want to pull multiple/all call recordings based on date range (such as the Export Calls Report), at that point you can pull the recordings at your convenience and since its hosted under Google, the recordings can be accessed indefinitely (longer than the standard 90 days).


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