How to Create Users within Ytel Contact Center

Adding/removing additional users are handled in the Users > User section of the Ytel Contact Center interface. Each contact center agent should have his or her own unique user login credentials.


When creating users it is important to first have an understanding of the differences between “User Accounts” and “Seats/Licenses” as these refer to two separate items within the Contact Center system. One may create as many “User Accounts” as needed, but the amount of agents that can concurrently log into the Contact Center agent interface is limited by the amount of “Seats” or “Licenses” purchased.


When first pulling up the user section, it will display all of the current created user accounts in the “Users Listing” section. At the top of the screen it will display how many “Seats/Licenses” purchased and how many (if any) Agents are currently logged into the Contact Center agent interface.


In the image below, there are currently 4 users created, but a maximum of 3 users can log into the agent interface at the same time.



Adding additional Users (Step by Step guidelines)



Navigate to the Users > User section by using the menu navigation system to the right of the Contact Center Admin panel.



Press the “Clone” icon that can be located at the top right corner of the Users Listing section.



Enter in the following information;

Agent ID: This can be any numerical value up to 8 characters long. This will be the “username” the agent uses to log into the Contact Center Agent interface 

Password: Enter in a password for the user account

Full Name: Enter the name of the Agent that will be using this user account. This is primarily used for reporting and to help identify/keep track of which agent is using this specific login. If there currently is no agent that will be assigned to this user account then you may type in a place holder name for the time being and modify this information once assigned in the “modify” section.

Source User: Select the user you wish to clone. (All settings will be copied over from the selected source)


STEP 4:  

Press “Start Cloning”







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