Enable Balance Dialing

Useful Document:

Modifications to VM:

1. Make sure the following is in the /etc/astguiclient.conf file for keepalive section


2. crontab -e modifications:

add the following to the keepalive perl script


Modifications to Agent Server only:

1. See how many CPU's a Server has

lscpu | grep -E '^Thread|^Core|^Socket|^CPU\('
2. Set max trunks to 0 on Agent Server

Modifications on Dialing Servers
1. Disable Agent Server Login within server settings on backend vici

Modifcations to Agent Logins:
1. Phone login for users should be set to use the Agent only Server (g) for Leadsrow4.

update vicidial_users set phone_login = concat(phone_login, "g") where user not in('VDAD','VDCL',6666,101, 99999)

How to Revert:

1. Remove extra flags to keepalive script within the crontab -e section
2. Enable agent login back to the other servers
3. Change the Agent phone login by removing the option to only log into a specific server
(typically means remove the letter you added to the "phone login" for the server
update vicidial_users set phone_login = user where user not in('VDAD','VDCL',6666,101, 99999)

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